Practice & Be Ready When They Are

You will be good at this if you are a good communicator in general and if you are confident about the facts. How do you get better at that? Practice. Find small ways to practice that seem less daunting, like e-mailing an article to your grandma and then engaging with her response to the article. If you’re feeling particularly skittish, write out some of the key points you want to make in advance. Have the conversation with yourself in the mirror. Type it out while you’re bored at work. Talk to yourself in the car. Keep practicing.

Practice and prepping in advance will help you be ready to have the conversation when they bring it up - which is the best time! They may bring up an article they read or an issue they’re puzzling over - don’t let yourself get caught off guard. If you’ve been reading the other pieces of advice, practicing your questions and your points, this could be the best opportunity you have to converse productively. Remember Piece of Advice #1 - people learn better when they feel safe. If they initiate the conversation, they’re signaling that they are feeling safe and ready to talk. Jump on in!

Jennifer Hare