Start with a Resource

When bringing up a topic yourself seems too daunting, try using a video or article to spark a conversation. Our Articles & Resources tab has some excellent readings and videos that are great conversation starters. These are especially helpful if you’re not comfortable jumping into a conversation cold, or with pointing out a person’s general ignorance of an issue.

E-mail them a link saying “Thought this was interesting - what do you think?” They may write back saying “Wow, I really disagree,” and now you’ve got a place to start a conversation, just by asking “Why?”

In general, exposure is one of the most successful ways to combat prejudice. Exposing yourself and your friends and family to works created by people of color, women, gay, trans, and disabled people makes you less likely to think of them as “others” who aren’t a part of your community. It makes you more likely to want to work to create a country that doesn’t treat these groups unjustly.

So make an effort to bring those voices into your life and into the lives of your family and friends. If you're in a book club, suggest a book that covers issues of gender or racial justice or is written by a queer person, trans person, woman and/or person of color. Suggest 13th, AvaDuvernay’s documentary about mass incarceration, for family movie night. Lend your friend some Roxane Gay reading for his vacation. Better yet, give a book as a present - there’s nothing like the gift of education.

Jennifer Hare